Often when we start clearing cleansing our doors of perception
of these learned beliefs and behaviors that we have woven into our
homes, jobs and relationships we may also feel like you are loosing
your identities. Equally challenging is the perception that there is
something wrong with us by those who have come to expect us to
think and behave as we have for so long.

Oracle of the Heart Programs and meditative exercises will help to
make this transition from what they and you have come to expect, to
what is truly your own unique truth and purpose by immediately
replacing these old false perceptions with true new ones. In just a
few minutes you may feel how much better, stronger, truer and
more productive this new position is because it is your true position.
This is who you truly are.

This is how you were designed to see and respond to your life and
this naturally feels really good. Not only does it feel good, it
resonates with your inner knowing, which says "this is what has
been missing in my life. This is what I have been looking for". And
want is that? It's your own true self. That's what we are all looking
for. Our own special place in this life where we have all the support
and permission that we need to just be our own selves. What is very
different about this is that we are not receiving this permission from
someone else, not from a book or a teacher. This permission
comes from our own self, from the wondrous experiences of
expressing and experiencing our own true, unique perceptions.

Some people have compared this experience to a journey in a Time
Machine, wherein they are actually able to go back and change
what happened. As our relationships and life conditions, which
were manifestations of our previous, limiting choices are changed
we are liberated to manifest a whole new experience. What is most
incredible and refreshing is how gentle, supportive and noninvasive
these deeply healing and liberating experiences actually are.

The world is the screen upon
which we project ourselves, so
the only place that change can
be made is within ourselves.
Within our "doors of
Again each of us is born into our own
perfect place within the greater design
of our human family. This is where
we may realize our truest purpose
and contribution by simply being
ourselves, occupying our unique
position and offering our special
perceptions. What is particularly
challenging  is that living with these
ideas, beliefs and attitudes, which we
have learned from others we come to
see them as our own.
The challenges that we all face as we begin reclaiming our
special position within the greater design of our human family are the
influences of others, which we have accepted in order to affirm our
membership and value to this human family. Ironically these
influences are often the very thing that cloud our perceptions and
prevent us from realizing our true place and the true value that our
unique position has to offer.

Sadly many of us go through our lives never really knowing who we
are or what we are capable of because we are trying so hard to live
up and conform to the desires and expectations of others. More often
than not the ones who's influences most inhibit our own self
realization are those who care about us most, aka mom, dad, aunt
Mary and our favorite teacher in school.
With Oracle of the Heart
@ My10MinCoach.com
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