Through trauma, belief, ignorance, fear and misdirection our most
natural life affirming patterns are often broken producing a variety of
deviant behaviors. By releasing these interfering influences we may
reconnect and reestablish the natural, and healthy inner pathways
within us and that is what everything Oracle of the Heart offers.

Our deeply held subconscious fears of our past unresolved painful
experiences being projected into our future prevent us from responding
naturally, creatively and lovingly in the present. This is how and why
"our fears are visited upon us" and ultimately responsible for our broken
homes, disintegrating social structure and ultimately war, pollution,
disease and premature death. So by helping us to reconnect these
disconnected patterns of loving, creative inner awareness we avail
ourselves to opportunities to heal and rebuild the world that we all
share; One Heart at a time!
DAATH: [the unity of opposites]
Within each of us are 128 doors of perception
all interacting in countless ways producing
unique creative patterns of consciousness.
These define our individual personalities, our
unique perceptions of reality and our paths to
realizing this heavenly unity [Daath] here on
Those patterns of awareness that align with our unique path produce
experiences of joy, peace, knowing, freedom, and loving unity. Those
patterns that contradict or stifle our higher destiny produce discord and
suffering. Oracle of the Heart and everything we have developed from it
are designed to help cleanse the doors of our perceptions of anything
preventing us from knowing and honoring our true loving self.
In 1988, in a meditative trance, I received
this fascinating design, which has helped
us to understand the healing affects and
mystical roots of Oracle of the Heart. We
call this design Daath because it is made
of 474 dots and in the Kabbalah 474 is the
number of Daath; the mysterious invisible
seraph on the Hebrew Tree of Life.
According to the mystical teachings of the
Kabbalah, Daath is where the opposites within
us unite. This is also where our Meditations
takes us, where the opposites of past and future
unite in the present. Like the 474 dots in our
Daath pattern above, each human soul is the
same but is occupying a different place, a
different point of view so each of us naturally
has different perceptions. Each of our programs
and meditative exercises are designed to
liberate oneself from our unresolved past events,
by helping us see and perceive differently.
The Tree of LIfe
Bodie & Barbara McCoy
By: Bodie McCoy
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