Freedom and responsibility go hand and hand. It's not what
life gives us but what we do with it that determines how free we are.
In other words it's our ability to respond creatively to our lives that
defines our lives and that is also a great definition of "responsibility"

Responding is very different than reacting. When we react we feed
what we are reacting to with our creative energy and this naturally
serves to energize and magnify the situation. By responding
creatively we take the energy of what is happening and redirect it
towards creating a situation that is more pleasing to us, which is
very difficult to do if our doors of perception are cluttered with
feelings of fear or guilt.

When we suffer, we often assume that we are being punished by
God or life; this assumption is spiritual immaturity. This immaturity
arises from our earliest assumption, which arises from the opening
of our
first door of perception. This is just one reason why cleansing
these 128 doors of perception is so important and helpful
Oracle of the Heart’s SAME Program and meditation help us to
mature spiritually by guiding us to respond creatively to our own
suffering. This experience awakens us to the truth, that we are
creators and suffering is our opportunity to create beyond the
boundaries of our fears and limiting beliefs. Suffering is our
opportunity to embrace freedom by accepting that we have created
something that we don't really want. This affirms us as creators and
naturally empowers us to create something better.

There is truth in the lyrics of the song that “freedom is another word
for nothing left to lose”. Possibly you’ve had this experience of
losing something you’d been holding onto for dear life. Once your
struggle was over and all hope of holding on was finally gone, and
you actually did let-go, there was a wonderful lightness or freedom.
That is because the way to freedom is by letting-go, which is also
very different than giving up.

Not giving up on what we want is truly important but often to get
what we want we need to let-go of how we are trying to get it.
Sometimes suffering enables us to realize that we really don't know
what we want and this can be a very fruitful revelation. While we
often don't really know what we want, Spirit always does.

Realizing this simple truth opens us to the ultimate creative
response, which I believe is where the idea of spiritual sacrifice
comes from. When we let-go of what we want saying "Lord, Great
Spirit, this is what I want, this or something better for the highest
good", we liberate ourselves from a great deal of responsibility and
open ourselves to receive something much better than we ever
could have imagined.

The freedom that comes from letting-go in this way often brings us
to a new realization of what is truly important. Letting-go of
something that we've been working very hard for is often
accompanied by a good deep cry. That's a good thing because
releasing the emotional energy that is bound up by our holding on
has also been sabotaging our creativity by clouding and clogging
our doors of perception.

Fresh feelings of openness and hope are felt as we truly let-go.
We experience a new beginning and those fresh feelings of
openness and hope are symptoms our new found freedom. The
freedom of knowing we having nothing to loose and everything to
gain. By letting-go we open to new choices, exhilaration of
choosing and of being fully committed or as surfers say being
"locked in. Getting "locked in" to experiences that we truly what to
have is what the SAME Meditation helps us to do.

We humans tend to create much suffering in our lives before we
choose to let-go but wouldn't it be great if we didn't need to be
defeated in order to surrender?Wouldn't it be great if we didn't
need  some kind of emotionally destructive drama in order to
accept the delicious freedom that comes with letting-go? This is
what The SAME Meditation will help you to do. It will help you to
find the sweet spot of your life, where you truly want to commit,
where being "locked in" to something or someone that you really
want to give your whole heart to.
(The ability to respond
creatively to our own lives)
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