You will be amazed at how revisiting your past in this way can
elevate and improve your current life with a simple guided meditation that
takes less than 10 minutes. The 128 'Doors of Perception' meditations we
have created help shift perceptions and heal unresolved past events
remodeling your reality now. In many cases these past experiences are early
childhood experiences. Experiences you had at a time more distant than you
can remember and at time before your current abilities to reason were fully

Some of these formative events and relationships which Our Meditations
will enable you to revisit were so traumatic that you were reacting impulsively
according to your most basic instincts. Regardless of how or why these
perceptions were instilled within you, what they all have in common is that
they are now
obsolete. If they ever were relevant, they no longer are. These
Meditations identify these memories to help receive the unrealized lessons,
which they still possess, so that you can move on.

These unrealized treasures within your memories offer you the insights,
strength, wisdom and self confidence that you will need to evolve your life
to the next level. There's a double benefit here because not only do these
forgotten inner places contain these treasures they are also polluted with
doubts, fears, judgements, confusion, misinformation and low self esteem;
all the stuff that's been holding you back and keeping you down. Releasing
all that counter productive stuff is also an important benefit of the deeply
relaxing self affirming inner experience that we offer you in so many forms; via
meditative exercises and a wide variety of Programs all of which are included
with a Full Access monthly Membership.

This harvest of personal insights, strengths, wisdom and self confidence
is actually a result of releasing all that negative stuff to cleanse your inner
doors of perception. When these doors of perception are cleansed all these
benefits are simply results of realizing and seeing yourself as you truly are.
Each of these memories contains something that is clouding your awareness
with internal conflicts, which are not your true or normal state of being.

With each memory a conflict that has been draining your energy and
compelling you to seek out situations where this same imprint of the original
conflict has compelled you to recreate it. In a multitude of ways, Oracle of the
Heart's techniques guide you to make new choices that produce a new result,
a result that honors who you are, which is ultimately who you really want to be.
The irony here is that our instincts to resolve these inner conflicts from our
past also trigger our defencive, "fight or flight" instinct to avoid them and or
conquer these same situations. While our defencive responses energize our
negative feelings our meditative exercises quickly and easily dissolve them,
cleansing our doors of perception, empowering us to perceive our best choices
for right now.

One bit of information that may be helpful as you are having this deeply
uplifting and empowering experience is this: the universal "Law of Attraction",
"As you give so shall you receive" is always present. What you will be letting
go of are things that you have unwittingly and unconsciously created in the
past. And the new perceptions that you will be receiving clear your inner
pathways to create unencumbered by the past. It's all about honoring yourself
as a creator and focusing on Seeing Yourself Loving to manifest the loving we
all desire.

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Our Meditations and Programs help to accept
the wealth of unrealized personal truth and
wisdom that is bound up in our past.
We call this experience of accepting these
missed treasures
“Harvesting Memory”.
Oracle of the Heart  
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