To understand what happens in our Meditations and meditative exercises
that are woven throughout our various programs
it is helpful to see the universe
and ourselves as some of our most progressive scientists, teachers and innovators do.
now see the whole universe as a vast hologram made of and by Living Light;
The Light of The Highest Good. What's that mean? It means that everything is an
interplaying dance of The Sacred Creator Light, which of course is what mystics have
been saying since the dawn of time. And what does this mean to each of us
on a
personal level
? It means that by aligning consciously with the Creators Light within us
we experientially realize that we too are "The Light". This is also what the mystics say
and what everything we have developed with Oracle of the Heart is designed to
experientially help you realize.
This Creators Light is also known as Unconditional

The structure of Our Programs mirrors our own consciousness. Mentally and
logically it appears like a ladder with 128 levels or rungs extending from our most
earthly desires upward to our most heavenly dreams and aspirations. Conscious
however, is not linear, it’s holographic; more like a spherical gemstone with
128 facets
that are constantly rotating to activate our awareness through another window or
facet. Always and everywhere our own consciousness is inspiring and challenging
us to see and experience our lives and ourselves differently. Our
Self Loving Guided
Meditations and exercises
are intended to assist you in experiencing your life
and yourself as it truly is, holographically.

By focusing into the same frequencies of light with which an experience was created

we avail ourselves of an opportunity to dissolve the residue of that experience logged
within our doors of perception. This liberates the energy
or light, that up to now, has
been distorting our perceptions. Then by raising our awareness of that
same light to a
higher level we may quickly and easily manifest a higher experience of this same light
or energy. In essence this is what we do in all of our Meditations when we translate
our past challenging experiences into the language of The Loving Light. This naturally
lifts and changes our whole reality enabling us to embrace and utilize the holographic

In the holographic paradigm everything is so intimately connected that what effects me
also effects you and visa versa. This is how a real healer works. Not by focusing on
you but by finding that piece of you that is within them. It's that piece of you in them
that they can shift or heal because it is in them also, and by healing it in them they are
also able to affect you. Similarly the past is within the present and visa versa. So, what
happened in the past naturally affects the present. But in the present we may also find
and heal
the past and this is what our work will guide you to do.

A primary key for all of us is to realize that our physical reality is a reflection of our
inner spiritual reality. Therefore choosing to expand your awareness of The Light
within, sheds light on everything in your life.
The mysteries of our universe and
our selves are easily explained by
cutting edge scientists who
understand and embrace the
holographic paradigm.

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