Oracle of the Heart Programs empower you to make internal
choices resulting in outer actions that will reflect and manifest your
truest, most heart-felt intentions and dreams. We live in a world
that wrongly associates love, compassion, pain and deep caring
with weakness but nothing could be further from the TRUTH.
Taken to heart, Oracle of the Heart, and all of what we have
developed from it will offer you this assurance experientially.

Cleansing your doors of perception in this way will open the inner
channels of your deepest caring enabling you to honor and
manifest your truest, most heartfelt intentions and dreams. Most
of us have been taught that to make our dreams come true we
must work really hard. Certainly work is involved but when these
doors are open manifesting our dreams is the result of joyous
activities. Honoring what we really care about feels good and is
always uplifting when these inner doorways are cleared and open.

Today we are all inundated with information about what we should
want and do. That's why, to create our best life, we must learn to
honor our own inner caring. Most of this "information" is really mis-
information because "they" don't really know what is going to bring
us to joy and peace, freedom and loving. For the most part all that
information just confuses us because after all It's really about what
someone else wants us to want. Most of it is really about what they
want from us.

For example we have created this website, which is full of
information because we want to share this experience. We want
this in part because sharing what we care about brings us joy and
also because we have bills to pay just like you. To decide whether
The SAME Program course or any one of our New Programs is
worth the investment or your time and energy you must be able to
check out what we are telling you. It's your doors of perception that
will either help or hinder you from doing this. If these doors are
clear then they will enable you to feel and discern if this is right for
you at this time. But if they are clogged with misinformation that
contradicts what we are saying then this information may make
you feel confused.

To make this easier for you we offer free samples. There is one
format for our
Loving Heart Meditations but there are 128 doors of
perception each of which will use this SAME Meditation to take you
on a different inner journey. This is one thing that makes the Same
Meditation different, it's experiential and with our free samples you
don't have to just take our word for anything to discover what
cleansing your doors of perception will actually do for you.

To know what we truly want or what is really good for us in this
world we must first know who we truly are. This above all is what
these SAME Meditations experientially reveal. The potent insights
and inner clearing that these mediations provide will simply enable
you to make wiser choices.

To realize and develop the powerful healing and creative potentials
of love, compassion and deep caring, we begin by applying them
to our own lives and to our own selves. Realizing our best possible
results in this life requires dedication, commitment, discipline and
focus and all of these require that our doors of perception be clear
and open. Dedication, commitment, discipline and focus flow from
the inner guidance and permission, which comes through these
inner doors encouraging us to honor our own hearts’ deepest
caring. So, by helping you to clear and open your inner doors of
perception The SAME Meditations empower you to create your
dreams and make your life much better. Coupled with the insights
and variety shared in our Programs life becomes very rich.
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You are the only one who truly knows what works for you. We this
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The SAME Program course is a "Doors of Perception"
study guide.          
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