The Bible states; "In the beginning there was the Word" (sound), and Science has confirmed that in deed light
and sound are the most subtle discernible foundations of everything. Since in the beginning there was no
Home Depot everything was and is not only made by God, but is also made of God. So, everything really is
The SAME sacred thing in an infinite variety of expressions. If you will take some time to deeply consider that
you are also made of these most basic elements then you may begin to understand how and why clearing and
cleansing our "Doors of Perception" opens the channels of loving to flow freely within us.

In many ways this point in human history is very similar to when it was "discovered" or finally announced that
the world was round but after so many generations of being told that it was flat people still had to confront the
myriad of false beliefs, attitudes and perceptions that had developed by thinking that the world was flat for so

'Tools of Engagement'; meditations, programs and exercises, have been developed from 'Oracle of
the Heart'; a multifaceted map of consciousness woven from dynamic threads of timeless truths derived from
many cultures and philosophies.
These tools of engagement are for those who are ready to release their false
beliefs, attitudes and perceptions that are based on the false belief that everything and everyone is separate.
As you experience your connection to everything through the sameness we all share you see that the past is
very much a part of the present. So, not only are the choices that we have made in the past affecting how we

are experiencing our present lives, but the choices that we make right now can also affect our perceptions of
the past. And this in turn changes how the past is affects us now.

Oracle of the Heart is an inner technology, which literally enables one to change negative experiences into
positive ones. The results of this are transformational. As we venture forth to explore and discover this "new
world" that our greatest thinkers both past and present assure us is more real and more gratifying than the one
we currently occupy; we must first confront our fears. We don't have to fear falling of the edge of a flat world
but we must face our fears of loosing our personal identities in the sameness.

Please let us assure you these fears are completely
unfounded and irrational. You are who you are and that is
not going to change. What will change is the amount of freedom that you ha
ve to experience and to actually be
yourself. Sameness is uplifting, empowering, enlightening, and liberating. All that you will be lo
osing are those
conditioned limiting states of mind that are currently preventing you from truly enjoying your life and yourself

Science has just recently proven what mystics have always emphasized; the profound effect that our own
personal perceptions have upon our reality. Science being what it is has meticulously documented how the
beliefs and objectives of a scientist profoundly effect the outcome of his or her experiments. In this regard each
of our individual lives is like our own personal experiment, so by shifting our perceptions, beliefs and objectives
we may also profoundly change the outcome of our lives. This is something that Oracle of the Heart and every
experience we offer will help you to do experientially.

As you begin working with
My10minCoach's 'Tools of Engagement' we suggest that, for the best results, you
simply intend to "See Yourself Loving". Having this simple intent will help you to open to a new reality wherein
'It's all the SAME". It is all Loving! It doesn't matter at all if you
accept or understand what this means fully
because the actual experiences that you will have will be more powerful and transformational than any
we could possibly give you.

In our living room at home there is a chair that supports my lower back really well, and as that's important to
me, I sit there often. My wife Barbara sits facing me across the coffee table in a comfy chair. Because she is
into comfy and I am into support we have these very different perceptions of our living room. What Barb sees
and what I see are quite different, so if you were to ask either of us to describe our living room you would
undoubtedly get two different descriptions because we are looking at it very differently. Have you ever noticed
how when you drive or walk somewhere and return by the same route everything looks completely different?
You are covering the same ground but looking in opposite directions so naturally you are seeing it differently.

Wherever you are right now look at what is in front of you. Now just turn your head and you will be seeing an
entirely different picture. These are very simple examples of how our superficial sensory perceptions affect
our experience
. But the perceptions we are concerned with here are the deeper ones that define our habits,
how we respond
to life events, how we feel about ourselves and what we do with all these sensory experiences.

These habits cover a vast territory ranging from how we dress ourselves, bathe and brush our teeth to how we
think, feel and relate to literally everything. This is essentially what our minds are designed to do; to establish
habitual patterns of behavior to help our true selves, our spiritual selves to navigate and function in this
material world. Problem is that we are generally unaware that
we are in charge of our mind. Most of us don't
have any idea at all that we may actually train our mind to create new and better habits. Few of us have any
understanding of how to go about doing this and even fewer believe that we may actually change how we feel
about ourselves and our lives. Most in fact seem to believe that these habits that our minds have created
reflect our essential nature or "personality" and that simply is not true.

What we offer are simple and easy to use tools for changing those undesirable habits by cleansing the "doors
of perception" from which they emanate. When these 128 doors of perception are cleansed then we may
perceive ourselves and our world as they truly are. When these doors of perception are cleared of the old and
obsolete thoughts, beliefs, feelings and fears that have programed them in our past, then we may perceive and
experience the sameness that inspires us to express and experience the truest and most universal dimensions
of ourselves like love, compassion and unlimited creative freedom. This is Seeing Yourself anew.

This freedom is what we aspire to share with you. All that we have developed from our
own spiritual quest,
which led us to create Oracle of the Heart, is now offered to you via subscribing to My10minCoach.com.
Finally science and religion are
on the same page, describing the
same reality. Both agree that the
primal elements of light and
sound are the true foundations of
everything in our universe.
Simply put,
"It's all the SAME."
From Bodie McCoy