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Perhaps the best and simplest advice for living a good and
productive life, which our teacher, John Roger, emphasized goes like
this: "Take care of yourself so you can help others to take care of
themselves". It's really just an updated expression of what the bible
says: "Love your neighbor as yourself". The part of this that is too often
overlooked is that to "Love our neighbor as our self we must first of all
learn what loving ourselves really means.

By taking this advice to heart, by actually applying it in our lives we will
eventually realize the deeper truth which it is really based on. It's what
we call the holographic reality, wherein it is apparent that we are all of
one light, of one spirit; which is love. So, by loving you I am loving
myself and by loving myself I am also loving you. And this brings us to
the next part of this advice, which says "Don't hurt yourself and don't
hurt others." If we are indeed so interconnected then hurting me hurts
you and hurting you also hurts me and it is obvious that the more of us
who know and practice this simple truth the closer we will be to the
peaceful vision of heaven on earth that we all hold within us.

The final peace of this advice, JR offered has been expressed in a
variety of ways. Apparently people have a little difficulty looking to the
highest interpretation of "Use everything to your advantage". A lot of
people hear that as permission to take advantage of others but those
people are missing the point. The point is that we are all one and using
everything to your advantage begins at home with the intention to use
everything that you have been given in this life for the highest good..
And the real bottom line here is to simply Love Your Self.

Oracle of the Heart will help you:
  1. "Take care of yourself so you can help others to take care of
  2. "Know not to hurt yourself and not to hurt others."
  3. And to "Use everything to your advancement" by
    experientially guiding you to honor, express and simply be
    who you truly are; Loving.

Loving or being yourself begins with a commitment to take care of
yourself, to not hurt yourself and to use what you have been given in
the best ways possible. What you already have contains the lessons
and insights that you will need to create the next level of your
experience and that is also what you really want. Wanting and having
stuff is fine, but personal growth is the experience we are really here to
have and too much stuff, or the wrong stuff, can also get in the way of
our growing. Wanting and creating more than we can actually use puts
us into a situation where we are spending most of our time energy and
resources towards getting and maintaining stuff.

Focusing too much on stuff leaves us with little time to actually create
the better experiences that we truly want, and naturally this leads to an
unhappy life where we are feel stuck. Being a slave to stuff is not an
experience that any of us really wants. We all want to grow, to evolve,
to be all that we can be and the place to begin this is wherever we are
right now, with what we have right now. This is the personal treasure
that working with all of what Oracle of the Heart offers will help you to
realize. It will quickly help you to see what is really important in your
life and in your relationships and what you have created because of
fear, guilt and or misinformation.

In the words of William Shakespeare: "To thine own self be true".

Everyone needs to find what works for them. We invite you to try what
we have created and see for yourself if you feel the benefits. There are
many ways to experience what we have created from Oracle of the
Heart and we now have a membership site to give you ample ways to
experience this for yourself.

Our hope is that any one of the experiences you try will encourage you
to "See Yourself Loving".
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