Transform Your Life: Experience a Reality Remodel.
Bodie McCoy has served as a Personal and Spiritual Life Coach specializing in Relationships and
Personal development for over 30 years. As your coach he will establish a creative partnership with you
focused on designing and implementing specific, meaningful change in your life.

His unique perspectives and insights and the tools he has developed will enable you to be a responsible
creator rather than feeling like you are simply a survivor of circumstance.
Bodie's System of Coaching Applies to
  • Personal Growth
  • Overall Health and Wellbeing
  • Creativity & Manifesting Abundance
  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Meditation, Spiritual Exercises & the
    Enrichment of ones spiritual practice
Every individual has unrealized potential and Bodies' life is dedicated to helping others to unleash
their potential and "Live the Promise" of their life. The inner places that his coaching techniques take
you are often where we all feel particularly vulnerable. Where the fabric of our unique illusions are
weakened or thin and easily disrupted. Bodie will, with ease and loving support, help you experience
these inner places as windows of opportunity. These places are where our efforts to control our
experiences have seemingly failed us and in turn cause us to feel vulnerable and unworthy. It is in
these tender caring places where he will help you discover rich opportunities to remodel your reality.

What's Included?
  • 1 hour per week consult / coaching support with Bodie [either by phone or via Skype]
  • Weekly reality remodel workbooks with daily meditative exercises and suggestions

What's Needed from You?
  • Your commitment to give yourself a minimum of 10 minutes a day to enjoy the homework,
and the willingness to be honest with yourself and Bodie as you work to remodel your reality.

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If you decide to have Bodie as your Coach payment options can be discussed.

NOTE: {We encourage you to never let a financial hardship stop you. Contact us if you are truly
interested and we will work with you at a rate your finances will allow.}

You will be notified of an opening with options for dates and times for you to choose from to get
started creating your new life that is awaiting you to step into.
Bodie McCoy: Spiritual Life Coach and Personal Consultant
Engage with your Soul's Purpose
  •    Understand your Holistic Holographic nature
  •    Learn keys to take creative responsibility
  •    Establish a vision of what you want
  •    Develop healthy habits
  •    Go Within to manifest measurable results
  •    Dissolve the illusions that hold you back with
              A New Way of Thinking
About Bodie McCoy
More on Windows Of Opportunity:

Control is an illusion and our failures to control bring us closer to this creatively empowering truth.
This truth is the opportunity for growth that we both seek, and avoid. What do they say? "The truth
will set you free but first it's going to piss you off." That's because The truth often reveals what is
not really working for us. And letting go of something or someone that we've been holding onto for
too long, no matter how dysfunctional, hurts.

Letting go of what is not true is the where the rich opportunities are. This work gently guides you to
see and shift your perception within these rich vulnerable inner places. By helping you focus
honestly and in a heartfelt manner on your failed relationships and failed attempts at success that
we all normally try to avoid, Bodie gently reveals what many of us are most afraid of; being out of
control. Concurring our fears becomes much more challenging when the world we live in teaches
us that success means taking control, and a lack of control equals failure, and failure is bad.
Fortunately that is
not the real truth.

The truth is that our caring is a powerful force and can't be controlled because caring is an alive,
creative and adventurous energy. Caring wants to explore and discover what is new and what else
is possible. Here we honor your wondrous caring by looking through the thin vales of your fearful
illusions shrouding your so called "failures" to see and experience what else is possible. This is
accomplished by honoring and affirming yourself as you truly are, as a naturally loving creator.

Being willing to clear and cleanse our doors of perception opens windows of opportunity for real
personal growth. Our egos attempts to control, fearfully put our feelings of failure into boxes hidden
deep within our consciousness, and then acts like a guard keeping them locked away; thereby
blocking our creativity and our own divine inner guidance to flow freely. This also blocks us from
being in touch with what we truly want as within those boxed up feelings of failure is also where our
deepest caring resides. And getting in touch with that is when personal growth is most fruitful.

Our irrational beliefs and limiting states of mind we develop over time become the filters through
which we perceive reality. When we are living as limited beings everything that we see, feel and
respond to is tainted by our false thoughts and beliefs. Our perceptions also act as spiritual
transducers enabling our pure and simple spiritual light to flow forward and to take useful forms in
our earthly lives. So by avoiding them and not doing the clearing and cleansing that is possible we
are avoiding our own truest self.

Working to remodel our reality by clearing and cleansing our "Doors of Perception" makes our
most heavenly dreams into earthly possibilities. Within our doors of perception lie all our hopes
and fears which, when liberated from irrational beliefs, allows us to realize the higher creative
potential they possess. We then have permission to "Live the Promise" of our own unique lives.

The internal dynamics, which govern these doors of perception are quite simple and easily
understood. They are formed around our deepest caring and deep caring opens our hearts to both
love and fear. When we succumb to fear we fail to achieve our hopes and dreams and in a world
like ours where failure is interpreted as something bad it naturally leads us to self doubt and often

By embracing those same failures as rich creative opportunities of loving forgiveness we succeed.
By choosing to give forth your loving in these same places where you have judged yourself so
harshly, you are able to transform them into empowering events that reveal the real strength of
your caring; which is ironically affirmed in the present by what has seemingly defeated you in the

Note: Understanding is often the boobie prize, because it is your own experiences that
holographically help us to remodel our reality! Give yourself the gift of changing your perceptions
with a new way of thinking and begin living a new reality.
An example of a new way of thinking: "The Truth About Time"
                      Spoken by Daniel Rechnitzer
      Author Of: The ALL KNOWING Diary and MIND LIES
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