Loving Heart Experiences are personalized heart-felt, loving meditative exercises
that clear and cleanse our inner 'Doors of Perception' allowing us to
See Ourselves Loving.

Mini - See Yourself Meditations:

See Your Self Giving  Mini med (1:48)

See Your Self Aware Mini med (1:53)

Full Length "See Yourself" Meditation: 1 of 32
See Yourself Peaceful (9:13 minutes)

A Unique Loving Heart Experience with:

                         6. Eight Simple Words (only 2:50)
                                    Quickly relieve stress and clear the mind

Unity for the Highest Good Meditations: 1 of 16

   7. Unity for the Highest Good - Communing and Joyful (3:47)   

Unity for the Highest Good - Aware and Loving (3:32)

Two full length Meditations from our class and meditation series
Angels of the Merkabah  1 of 12

        9. Angel of Desire Meditation mp3 (34:23 min.)

        10. Angel of Knowing Meditation mp3 (31:55 min)
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Loving Heart Experiences
for yourself: free.
You may use the random selector to select one for you or
simply scroll down and select one of the experiences
you are drawn to intuitively.
“If the doors of perception were cleansed
Everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite".  
 -William Blake
Loving Heart Experiences
Bodie McCoy has created over 250 meditative exercises all
providing experiences of loving realigning us with our natural state.
Each gently clears & releases disruptive patterns of consciousness.
When we can love ourselves unconditionally,
we attract all that we truly desire
A New series of Self Coaching subscription courses to

Transform your relationships through Self Love.
Over 150,000 individuals have experienced one or more of our Loving
meditative exercises. Each in its own way helps illuminate and
limiting states of mind, clearing karmic patterns and freeing
creative potential
in order to 'Live the Promise' of ones unique life.

Below is a cross section of them to experience for yourself as our gift.

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incorporating a full body of work developed by Bodie McCoy. They
will be available via subscription or as a full packaged course with
loads of extras.