Poor mental health is often a result of
focusing on what you cannot do
or change,
whereas good mental health is a result

of letting go and focusing on
what you can do.
The Loving Heart Experience is something you can do to improve
your mental health by opening your mind to what is possible and being
aware of who you are and what you are capable of; all of which will
naturally lead to better mental, emotional and physical health.

Regardless of who you are or what you believe we trust that our
Programs and the Loving Heart Mediative Experiences will help you
feel better about yourself. It will also make you more aware of what
else you can do to make your life better.

It is often beneficial to work with a structured program so you begin to
systematically change your typical patterns of behaviour. Our
Programs and meditations are something practical you can do to
develop good mental health in the safety and comfort of your own
space. By opening your mind to what is possible for you these
meditations and insights offered throughout the programs help
broaden your awareness of who you are.

We shut down quite often because of how we have judged our own
experiences or others. No matter what you may have judged yourself
for up to now, our Loving Heart Experiences will naturally lead you to
a peaceful inner place of forgiveness, also dynamically improving
ones mental, emotional and physical health.

Sacred scriptures are full of good advice for improving our mental
health. Take for example, "Give no thought for tomorrow". Why?
Because thinking about tomorrow is ineffective. There is only one
thing that we can do about tomorrow today, and that is to live today
whole heartedly, lovingly, giving today what we want to receive
tomorrow. That's how the Law of Attraction works, "As you give so
shall you receive". Tomorrow is today's harvest and yes there is a time
delay so that we may not predict exactly when or how what we have
given today will show up in our lives, but as long as we are busy
creating what we want, by directing our thoughts and emotions toward
that, we will hardly notice the when, because the real joy of being a
creator comes from creating. And this is something that The Same
Program Course, all of Oracle of the Hearts other Programs
and there Loving Heart Meditations will help you to realize.

Our desire is to help you have ways to live today more lovingly and
whole heartedly by identifying why, how you have responded in the
past is robbing you of today by causing you to fixate on the future. The
past traumas revisited in each of the Doors of Perception are healed
in these Loving Heart Experiences. They help you resolve situations
that you were unprepared for at the time, and are now better prepared
to work with now. Of course this meditation cannot change what
happened but it can change how you respond to it and therefore how
you feel about it. Everything is here to serve us in awakening to our
potential for Loving.

Perhaps the simplest and most powerful truth of our lives comes into
play here. This simple truth more than any other will effect what we
create from each experience of our lives. It's simple logic really. Either
God or whatever name you want to use, because it's just a name; is
perfect, all powerful and ever present or He/She is imperfect and
therefore a fraud. It's up to each individual to decide what they believe;
its the ultimate experiment. Remember; what you focus on you create,
so which reality do you prefer? One where everything is perfect and
there is an all loving Creator, guiding us to learn and grow in our ability
to love even more, or one where we are just drifting through an
imperfect experience with no purpose?

If you choose to embrace a perfect Creator then everything without
exception must be to bless you, to love you, to make your life better.
And if you are willing to open your mind to this possibility then Our
Programs and our Loving Heart Experiences will help you to actually
experience the truth of this most powerful belief. Even better each
Program invites you to use this powerful belief to heal your sense of
failure in the past and your fears of projecting those failures into the
future by enabling you to respond to the perfection and blessings of
what you previously believed was imperfect, hurtful and unfair. In so
doing Oracle of the Heart will also enable you to stop projecting that
imperfect, hurtful, unfairness into your future and at the same time
enable you to be lovingly present as you truly want to be.

This is how Our Programs and the Doors of Perception will help you
improve your mental health by improving your ability to embrace the
present as a blessed creative opportunity to be savored,enjoyed and
fully expressed as the highest good of us all. Our Programs are highly
experiential. It is something that you can actually do to change and
create positive mental attitudes and healthy habit patterns that will
enable you to have the fullest, most satisfying and productive possible
experiences of this precious life.
Oracle of the Heart