Oracle of the Heart is a timeless convergence of the original roots of Yoga, the Chakra energy
centers in the body, the IChing,
Kabbalah, Numerology, The Tree of LIfe, The Melchezidec
Priesthood, the Lord's Prayer,
Sacred Geometry, teachings of the Mystical Travelers, and the
Ancient Mayan Sun Cross Codex at Temple of the Sun in Palenque Mexico.

All together these timeless teachings reveal the hearts geometric structure of inner pathways.
When these pathways, called "Doors of Perception", are cleared and cleansed
the souls sacred knowing naturally flows freely enabling you to
"See Yourself Loving"
Oracle of the Heart
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When you give yourself permission to exercise this creative potential you find that you begin
drawing to you and physically manifesting the experiences you have allowed yourself to enjoy
within yourself.

The magical truth enacted by “Healer heal thyself” will be the guiding truth that will gently cleanse
the inner doors of perception, as one releases the buried but not forgotten emotional pain caused
by fear, feelings of betrayal and self doubt that may be suppressing you mentally, emotionally and
physically. Every program and meditation we have created with the loving guidance of Oracle of
the Heart™ liberates you to live a healthier, happier, more authentically loving and productive life.

“Understanding comes from experience. Every experience in life provides opportunities to know
ourselves as creators. Oracle of the Heart gracefully awakens new insights from our past
creations, clearing the way to create anew in the present.”

Only you can determine if Oracle of the Heart has something to offer you. And only your own
experience of it can reveal the expansion of loving in you that comes from working with it.  

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Oracle of the Heart reveals limited linear patterns of thinking by illuminating
the deeper, superior inner guidance, wisdom and creative potency of our own
holographic feeling heart is what all the experiences we have created from
into logical messages that our linear thinking mind can accept, appreciate
and cooperate with.