As we descend into these lower earthly realms, our
pure light divides into different frequencies like the colors of a
rainbow. These separate frequencies of our original light ultimately
produce our 128 primal doors of perception, which are the
foundations of our human experience and consciousness.

Our original experience within the heart of creation is one of loving
unity, of pure unconditional consciousness. To put it into words we
would say "
I am that I am". This statement of unconditional being is
our soul's original perception. This original perception that gives us
permission to simple be is what we would call "unconditional
loving" and this original freedom that we all remember deep within
our soul is how we measure our all our earthly experiences. It is
what we are trying and destined to return to. Psychologist have said
that we all desire to return to our mothers womb but it is the womb
of creation, which is this original perception, AKA "God
Consciousness" that we desire to return to.

It’s this perception ("I am that I am") that we all unconsciously seek
and compare all our earthly experiences to. What is this ultimate
experience? It’s really all 128 of our primal imprints united into one
experience. That's what Bliss or God consciousness is it's the unity
of all our perceptions into this one unconditional "original door of
perception." This is our most natural state of being and to know this
original door of perception, to have the freedom to unconditionally
love everyone and everything is what cleansing our 128 doors of
perception of all the conditions that have been imposed upon us:
This is the purpose of cleansing these doors which Oracle of the
Heart™ and The SAME Meditation help us to realize.
Within our creator’s heart our
souls are one; one with each
other and one with God.
When we are first born as
individual souls, each soul is
a pure light.
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