Oracle of the Heart experientially reveals your true identity:
RECLAIM yourself from the past, and choose the loving reality that
you truly want with:
    •        Oracle of the Heart™ ignites our enthusiasm for life by
    revealing our freedom to create the life we truly want.
    •        Our Doors of Perception Meditations awaken our
    empathy by helping us courageously and compassionately
    face, and lovingly release our own pain.
    •        Oracle of the Heart™ will strengthen your intentions by
    helping you to see where you truly want to go in this life.
    •        See Yourself Loving Meditations will help you develop
    impeccability by experientially uncovering your true heartfelt
    goals and your unique path for achieving them from the loving
    awareness of your unique soul.

Oracle of the Heart’s’ Programs and relaxing
Meditations will help you
reclaim your inner knowing
This work enables you to experience
past difficulties as current
Choose a sphere, any sphere in this design and imagine that it is you holding your
unique position. Observe how you help to complete the whole design, as we all do.
Observe how, from your position you will see things from a unique perspective that
is unlike any other. Now think about how for the sake of belonging to the whole you
have adopted ideas that are not really your own. You have inherited many beliefs
from your family, church and culture that may have prevented you from truly
occupying your own unique position or knowing your own special purpose.

Naturally you feel out of place but it's really
not because you are not where you are
supposed to be but because your doors of perception have been distorted by the
beliefs of others that prevent you from knowing and realizing your truest and
highest contributions to our human family.
What we offer to our members on are
Courses, Programs and Meditative exercises all designed
to help you reclaim your rightful place within this greater design by simply helping
you cleanse your doors of perception. This enables you to see and feel
as you were
originally intended to; free from all these past influences
; free to simply be yourself.

By revealing the doors of perception with which you are creating
your current reality
Oracle of the Heart and
our guided meditations and courses will empower you to
create something much better. It's a simple formula: By changing your mind, you
will change your heart, which will change how you experience everything!

And this is what Oracle of the Heart and our deeply relaxing, guided Loving Heart  
Meditations help us to do.
No amount of description can convince you or prepare
you for what the actual experience of these are. You are the only one that can judge
the benefits for yourself.
Join Us as a Full Access Member or try it out as a Free
Member working with the Level One Experiences first.
Imagine that your perfect soul is like
one of the circles in this design
and the whole design is symbolic
of humanity.
Each soul is a perfect sphere,
a symbol of wholeness and unity.

What makes each of us special is our
unique position
in this design and the
unique perception that our position offers.

So we are both equal and unique.
To realize our special value we simp
must occupy our unique position in time
and space within the

body of our human family.