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The Lords Prayer is

The Lords Prayer is
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Two words.
Oracle of the Heart is a tool to assist in revealing the precious treasures
within all your relationships. It provides simple ways of embracing them by
first improving your highest and truest relationship; the one with your own self!

We spend vast amounts of time, energy and resources building and repairing
our relationships with each other. By spending just a few minutes twice a day
listening to one of our Loving Heart Meditations we guarantee that you will
save precious time, energy and resources while also receiving much more
satisfaction from your relationships.

Ironically the way to improve our relationships with others is by improving our
primary relationship with our own selves because truly these are The SAME.
So naturally to develop the ideal, loving and co-creative relationship with
anyone we must begin with ourself. "Seek neither here nor there for the
kingdom, which you seek (happiness) is within you".

You are a creator and the moment that you realize this everything changes.
There is no way that you can possibly be a victim of any circumstance once
you realize that you are the source of every experience that you have had
and are having. You are the one who defines your relationships with everyone
in your life as they are reflections of your relationship with yourself.

A primary place to observe the effects and benefits of the Oracle of the Heart
is in your relationships with others. Oracle of the Heart offers simple ways of
utilizing your most challenging relationships to elevate and strengthen your
relationship with your own true creator self.
Our Programs are designed to
experientially demonstrate how elevating your relationship with yourself,
becoming more self aware, improves how you experience everything and
everyone else in your life.

There are multiple ways that Oracle of the Heart may benefit you. One is that
it will help you to see and experience how the people in your life are
supporting, encouraging, affirming and challenging you to be your best by
making new choices. A second benefit that comes from this realization is a
much clearer vision and understanding of what "living your best life" is really
all about.

Whether you are a mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, friend, lover,
husband or wife we believe our Meditations and Programs offer guidance
into simple ways of embracing, affirming and accelerating your highest
awareness of your own true self there by doing the SAME for all of your

We trust you will have amazing results on your own from incorporating our
Meditations into your spiritual practice and from working with any one of our
Loving Heart Experiences, but there is something indescribably pure and
magical that occurs when we gather to share heartfelt experiences with others.
Therefore we strongly suggest sharing these experiences with a partner or with
a group you are involved with and enjoy the unfolding magic of Living Love as
a result. Join us as a Full Access Member and have all that we offer with your
monthly subscription to
Our relationships are either the
painful stones or the precious gems
of our human lives: which is up to
us and how to choose what we
really want is what everything
Oracle of the Heart gently reveals.