The ancient sacred science of
"sameness" commonly known as
"Sacred Geometry" is woven into the
architecture of humanities most
advanced civilizations.
The sacred initiations, temples and mystery schools of the priesthoods that guided
the extraordinarily evolved civilizations like the Maya and the Egyptian
s were all
built and based on the same sacred designs with which Our Creator built us and
every molecule of this vast universe.
We asked ourselves, "Why this particular
form?  What makes this form the ultimate
building block of all creation? The answer
was surprisingly simple. What makes this
3-dimensional eight-pointed star the
foundation of creation is a combination of
stability and mobility. In essence the
Star-tetrahedron provides a perfect bridge
between the spiritual and physical realms.
I often think of it as the ultimate conduit by
which Spirit enlivens or energizes the
material world with Its' Self. What makes a
Star-Tetrahedron the perfect spiritual
conduit into this material world is it's
perfect balance, its' versatility and it's
surface exposure. To understand this we
must realize that everything is made of light.
Every physical form also has a light body and the shape of a Star-Tetrahedron
enables it's light body to move or rotate in eight different directions
simultaneously. The form of a Star-Tetrahedron provides the freedom of
maximum movement or motion with maximum stability. The stability of a
Star-Tetrahedron comes from the simple fact that all eight of its' natural
rotations are rotating around the same center and this is the key that sets us
all free to simply be. Centered-ness is SAME-ness and the freedom to occupy
your own loving center, to 'See Yourself Loving', is the ultimate benefit of
working with Oracle of the Heart and all that we have created from it:
Centered-ness is the basis of every spiritual
teaching including the Lord's Prayer. Seeing
the presence of the Star Tetrahedron in the
prayer enabled us to see it in other ancient
teachings and the agreements or sameness
of all these teachings ultimately revealed to
us "Oracle of the Heart"; our system of
understanding consciousness that gently
pierces into the depths of ones  being
revealing the loving truth of who we are, and
how to be living love.
We experientially reveal how the eight
pointed Star-Tetrahedron is the actual form
of consciousness. In all of our Meditations
we use this most natural of all forms to
liberate you in all eight simultaneously
rotating light bodies to move your creative
awareness from where it may be stuck in
your past, into the present; into your true
center. This naturally creates a wonderfully
natural stability and inner strength.
Oracle of the Heart  
Daath images by Bodie McCoy
Each of us has a deep primal desire for balance,
peace and harmony. The simple awareness of
structurally perfect form and working with it will
provide you with insights about h
ow to realize
these desires

We often describe this most basic building block
as God's Signature. In Sacred Geometry it is
called the "Star-tetrahedron.
This basic sameness reflects how "The Word", or
perfect vibratory resonance, has organized everything
into this cosmic dance that we call life.

For example, simply looking at this sacred design
for a few  moments, you begin to see that it is in
constant motion and yet maintaining structural integrity.
This assures us that each of us, like one of the dots
within the design, is a divine aspect of a greater whole.
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