Our 'Tools of Engagement' we endearingly refer to as Loving Heart
Experiences provide
simple and gentle wayw of awakening to our
creative potential within the present moment by releasing
our past. This powerful process
often takes us back even further
than we can remember, to choices that we've made before we were

When a soul is first born from the heart of God we all respond to
suddenly “not receiving” in very similar way. For more insight into
how we know this you may also want to read our article called "
SAME Relationship".

As you may already see "
I am not receiving" is a core dynamic
foundation upon which all our human structures both internally and
externally have been built. Now however as it is imperative
that we change these structures rather quickly
. It's important that we
begin at the beginning by rebuilding our foundation. This is what
The SAME Meditation guides us to do.

The similarities between the spiritual birth of our soul and our
physical earthly birth, is uncanny. In both cases we are suddenly
and abruptly cut off from the channels of receiving that we are
accustom to. In both cases we are faced with the challenge of
finding new ways of receiving. Our survival depends it.

The shocking contrast between effortlessly receiving within our
mothers' womb or the womb of our Creator and receiving outside
of that nurturing environment is our first "wakeup call". This shock-
ing contrast calls us to realize that we creators. In the womb our
needs are perfectly and effortlessly supplied but the moment that
we leave the womb, when the first door of our perception is opened,
this is when we begin accepting creative responsibility for our
unique lives.

How your respond to "I am not receiving" defines your souls
journey more than any other single response. That's because it is
the first, it is your foundation. Now you begin exploring and
discovering a whole new way of sustaining and living your lives
as a creator. But this is just the first step and since we are not born
with a rule book and most of our guidance from people who are
unaware that they are creators it usually takes awhile for us to
realize this most important truth.

As our lessons unfold each of our 128 doors of perception is
opened but how and what we perceive through them is strongly
influenced by what we are taught, believe, feel and assume. The
powerful sensory illusion that we are that we are all separate
clouds these inner doors of perception most of all. This illusion
naturally influences what we believe, feel, assume and are taught
by others who's limited physical senses are also vulnerable to this

We are also vulnerable to the deep personal sense of guilt that
this illusion inspires and this guilt also prevents us from realizing
our true co creative relationships with God and each other. It's only
when we have awakened sufficiently to realize how our reality is
being defined by our perceptions that the wisdom of cleansing
these doors of perception begins making sense. But our irrational
guilt also makes this very challenging as it causes us to fear what
we will perceive once these doors are cleared and cleansed our
illusions. Who will we discover we truly are?.

It's the initial trauma that we experience as the first door of our
perception is opened when our soul is first born that most
profoundly effects the core, foundation of our unique realities.
Most of all it effects how we experience God and our selves,
which naturally effects everything else. We all re experience this
same trauma in our lives every time how or what we have been
receiving changes.

How we respond to these changes will either re-enforce or weaken
the effects of our original, birth experiences. The SAME Meditation
makes this much easier by helping us to experience our innate
creator nature, which also enables us to respond creatively to the
kinds of situations that have, in the past cause us to respond
defensively as the victims of our own lives.

It happens in school every time we graduate to a new grade and
must adapt to class rooms, new teachers and new information. It
happens when a job ends, when any key relationship ends, when
we leave home for the first time and every time we move. These
are all well known "stressers" in our lives and the source of that
stress is within our first primal door of perception, "I am not

The long term effects of how we responded to the initial opening of
our first door of perception is so profound that religions have given
it an ominous name. They often describe this first of all our choices
as our “Original Sin”. Surprisingly in some ways they are actually
right. This first assumption of our pure and innocent souls when we
are first born into individual consciousness is that we must have
done something wrong. And of course the result of this assumption
is guilt.

Having no memory of how or why we naturally assume that the
pain of separation, of this first door opening, "I am not receiving",
is our punishment for something that we can't even remember
doing. And this assumption is in deed our first "sin" or mistake. And
this first mistaken self judgement haunts and inhibits our evolution
until, through a dynamic act of self forgiveness we take it back.

We don't need to forgive ourselves for what we have assumed we
must have done because we didn't really do anything. What we
must forgive ourselves for is for judging ourselves and this of
course is the very foundation of what The SAME Program and
Meditation are all about. One way to look at this amazing healing
experience is as an exercise of unconditional forgiveness.

The guilt of this first misinterpretation fundamentally undermines
our personal, self-esteem our faith in God and our abilities to
enter into the kinds of meaningful co creative relationships with
one another, which are the ultimate keys to realizing our human
potentials to manifest truly healthy and productive lives. This
"original sin" makes us vulnerable to the manipulative false
promises of those who prey on our weakness with promises of
salvation and protection, which they are naturally powerless to

Not only does our belief in these deluded and arrogant liars
distract us from developing our own inherent creative power, the
inevitably painful results of our misplaced faith in them actually
serves to strengthen our mis perception that there is actually
something inherently wrong with us. The deeper truth of our
original assumption manifesting physical, emotional and mental
proof that we are flawed, is actually proof that we are indeed
creators and this deeper truth is what The SAME Meditation will
help you to realize.

As damaging and crippling as this corruption of our first door of
perception is, what is even more crippling is the logical conclusion
that it ultimately leads us to. If God, The Creator has created us
imperfectly then He and or She must also be flawed. Therefore
everything must be flawed so not only are we flawed we are also
condemned to exist within the diabolical nightmare of our flawed
creator, in who's "Image and likeness" we have been created.

This miss
-belief in our inherent guilt and imperfection extends
into every facet of our awareness corrupting all 128 doors of our
perception. It is important to be mindful of this as you begin to
cleansing these inner doors, by releasing this irrational guilt and
open yourself to the blessings of Love, which are your natural
heritage, you will also be releasing this guilt and the feelings of
inadequacy, which it has produced within you.

By cleansing the crippling collective assumption of our human
conscience that suffering = punishment = guilt you will be
contradicting a fundamental belief upon which many relationships
and institutions have been built. As The SAME Meditation helps
you to liberate yourself from this debilitating condition we strongly
suggest that you allow your new found mental, emotional and
creative freedom to express the truth of "actions speaking louder
than words". Just be the loving soul that you truly are and enjoy
the awesome freedom of simply being yourself.
Can you imagine how a
newborn soul feels when
they are suddenly “not
receiving” in the same

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