Many believe that our obsessions with trying to predict
and control the future are motivated by our fears of the unknown,
but that is not entirely true. It is, in fact, what we have known in the
past that has us obsessively trying to avoid the re occurrence of
our most painful, disappointing and upsetting past experiences in
the future.

Oracle of the Heart Programs and its S.A.M.E. Meditations will
help you to see what your stress is really challenging you to be fully
present by being true to yourself, which SAME Meditations will help
you to do. SAME Meditations are able to accomplish this by guiding
you to revisit, review and renew choices made during stress
full,challenging events and relationships. When such choices are
improperly or unsuccessfully made that stress is carried forward
reminding you that you have unfinished business or that you need
to take that test over. SAME Meditations are quick, safe and simply
way of finishing or retaking these tests.

It's the choices that we've made, which have not honored our truest
self that become logged in our memories, distorting our doors of
perception and confusing our subconscious mine. These distorted
perceptions cause us to feel confused about who we truly are and
what our purpose really is. These doors of perception are how we
measure and discern what's going on within ourselves and in our
lives so naturally the confusion, which these distortions produce is
also very stressful.

The SAME Meditation simply helps us to renegotiate past choices
where we have betrayed ourselves or have made poor choices
based on misinformation. With The SAME Program the memories
where these poor choices were made may easily be revisited.
Choices that were based on misconceptions and mis perceptions
may easily be cleansed once the doors of perception involved
are identified and properly re engaged.

This "cleansing" quickly restores our natural sense of self-knowing,
self-confidence, creative freedom and peace of mind. So, releasing
wasteful and unwanted stress is amongst the benefits that you may
expect to receive from practicing The SAME Loving Heart
Meditations regularly. We think that 7-9 minutes twice a day to gain
these benefits is a really good deal.
It's generally accepted that
the primary cause of our mental,
emotional and physical suffering
is stress. And the cause of our
stress? Our efforts to control our
own experiences, and each other
which inevitably means not
being our true selves.
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