It's not just because our pain hurts that we suffer. It's our
perception of pain that causes us to suffer. Seeing pain as
something bad, as a sign of failure or as an enemy to be feared,
controlled and defeated prevents us from receiving and learning
pain's valuable lessons. Our illusions of control, which pain slowly
erodes prompt us to resist our pain and this causes us to suffer.

The SAME Meditation will help you to receive the valuable
lessons that the pain you're caring around has to offer you. We
learn these lessons first by releasing our resistance to the pain
and then by shifting our perception. This meditation will help you
to change your perceptions of pain, of yourself and ultimately of
Our Creator's unconditional and ever present love for you. That's
important because the real cause of suffering is our ignorance of
God's love for us in all things including our pain.

By helping you to let go more quickly, fully and easily this simple
meditation will enable you to release your burdens of control and
this will naturally open your heart and mind to the presence of
God's love in your most trying experiences. It's by just letting go
that we let in God's love. It's that simple and what we let go of in
this meditation are the specific mis perceptions that are blocking
our inner doors of perception and causing us to hold on and to
resist our pain, which prolongs our suffering.

When it seems or feels like life is somehow doing all this to
that's when you are avoiding God's love by denying creative
responsibility for your pain. Why would an intelligent being create
their own pain and suffering? Here's a valuable lesson: "We aren't
as intelligent as we'd like to think." Our finest accomplishments
are not from convincing one another of how smart we are but from
our willingness to learn and leaning begins and unfolds as we
accept what we don't know. Human brilliance and creativity comes
from our humble willingness to learn.

The real gift of suffering is humility, which opens us to receive
and accept more than we know. It's humbly accepting that enables
us to transcend our current ways thinking by opening our hearts to
God's Love. Then we can follow that love and where it leads is
always some place brilliant and wonderful beyond the reach of
either our intellects or imaginations. It will be helpful to keep this
in mind when your are experiencing The SAME Meditation.

A major cause of our suffering is feeling trapped and unable to
create or receive what we truly want in this life. As The SAME
Meditation cleanses and opens our doors of perception, which  
define what we are able to accept and receive we are naturally
liberated and our suffering ends.

Working with Oracle of the Heart™ for over 25 years has helped
us to see our 128 doors of perception as 128 different opportun-
ities for letting-go. It's by simply letting go that we open to accept
and what prevents us from letting go is our collective addiction to
control. It's this addiction that leads us into every trap, then slams
and locks the door behind us. You may think of The SAME
Meditation as a simple method for open these inner doors by
revealing the keys which are the perfect ways of letting-go for
each of these 128 doors of perception.

By guiding you to cleanse these inner doors, The SAME
Meditation will liberate you from vast amounts mental, emotional
and even physical suffering. This suffering contradicts the truth
that you are a creator who is always and everywhere being loving-
ly guided to create your best and most satisfying reality possible.
It's the Suffering, which seems to be an undeniable and
unavoidable fact of your life that these simple meditations will
help you to quickly and easily release. And the only way to really
know this is by embracing this experience with the intent of
accepting more than you already know.
sabotages our most
natural mental, emotional
and physical behaviors.
Not knowing what we are
doing to ourselves, we
naturally feel trapped and
we suffer.
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We respect and honor that you are the only one who truly knows what