The more you use 'My 10 Min Coach' techniques the more personal it becomes. It
your unique experiences to events an relationships in your life and provides you the
opportunity to perceive even the most challenging ones as loving guidance.

With ease you unique patterns of thinking, through a process of random selection, are triggered
in our memories
. Then you are guided to see them differently. Imagine seeing and feeling the
perfection of how your most challenging and
often painful experiences, the ones you would love
to forget and avoid, are actually guiding
you towards fulfilling your ultimate goals of good health,
wealth, happiness and loving, satisfying relationships: This can't really be imagined but it can

be experienced.

Synchronicity reveals how everything and everyone in your life, without exception
is there to
serve you. Each of our meditative exercises encourages the mind to gently open and experience
a deeply empowering and ultimately enlightening truth. Seeing this naturally elevates how you
are thinking and feeling about everyone and every condition of your life.

Randomly selecting one of the 128 doors of perception reveals how to move your inner
awareness to see and feel the deeper mystical dimensions of your seemingly ordinary life.

Can you imagine being shown how to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally
for the most
challenging events of your life before they happen? I'm talking about
the situations and people
that usually blindside you. Seeing this perfection is one thing but being prepared mentally and
emotionally to actually respond creatively to these otherwise seemingly random events is

We're not talking about 20/20 hindsight
but in the moment as these events and relationships are
actually unfolding. This is the priceless benefit experienced and appreciated each time you give
yourself just 10 minutes to listen, relax, lift and heal self limiting beliefs and awaken to a new
Synchronicity is the perfect, harmonious, balanced
mystical unity of everything

The Meditative exercises and techniques we have
created for you to use
reveal that within the
ordinary and separate events
of our daily lives are profound
opportunities for growth.
Be Your Own Best Life Coach