When you are in situations and with people that seemingly
oppose your pursuit
s of happiness you are challenged to rise up
and affirm that you are the creator of your own experience. How you
choose to respond determines the outcome.
Seeing your “enemy”
as your teacher, challenges you to know the ultimate happiness of
unconditional love
. Expanding your heart to love more, empowers
you to face your greatest fears and meet your challenges
courageously, hopefully and with appreciation and confidence
transforming them into your greatest opportunities

A bit of logic that may help you to accept this great c
hallenge is the
fact that Our Creator is all powerful and ever present
Love. That
means that we are also all powerful
Love and to experience this
simple all encompassing truth is our ultimate challenge. The Bible
challenges us to "
Love our neighbor as our self" because our
neighbor actually is our self. So, dig deep
into that unconditional
part of you who is so dedicated to loving. That place in you, where
the awareness of your soul
is willing to love even what you find
repulsive and unacceptable. This is the challenge
that working with
Oracle of the Heart
will guide and support you to meet and fulfill.

Unconditional means
no conditions, no exceptions. And choosing to
accept this challenge
, to love perfectly, unconditionally, just as Our
Creator does, is the choice that liberates
you. This is what this work
does. It guides you to be your best
self, to be better than you believe
you can be. It shows you how to meet
your challenges, to love
unconditionally by stepping up to be more than you currently believe
is possible.

e trust you will find that it is truly amazing how simple and easy
our Meditations and Programs can help you make these ultimate life
and improve on every level the quality of your life.
The great teaching to
Love thy enemy” does not make
sense until we accept how we create
with the law attraction
As you give so shall you receive".

Oracle of the Heart helps one to
realize how
"the enemy” can
help you master this law.
We respect and honor that you are the only one who truly knows what
works for you. We invite you to try i
t our for yourself for free if you like,
and see if
this is for you!     

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