Affirms us as creators
and holds us responsible
for our creations.
The Meditations and The Law of Attraction Program that we have created are designed to help
enable you to better understand, integrate your experiences and benefit from "The Law of Attraction"
more deeply and fully than you may have been up to now. Most of us who are aware of this law have
a very superficial understanding of how it works.

The "
Law of Attraction" says, "Seek neither here nor there for  the kingdom of all goodness
is within you
". The point of this very important teaching is that no matter what you think you want, it
is what you think or focus on most, that you draw to you or create. Therefore be conscientious of
what you choose to focus on so that you create what you really want. And it truth is that what you
really want is the of having what you want, which is already within you.

Most of us see The Law of Attraction as a way of creating, manifesting or attracting the things,
relationships, conditions and or opportunities, which we hope will produce the experiences that we
want to have. Most of us are in fact so focused on these things, relationships, conditions and
opportunities that we are actually unaware of why we really want them.

This approach to using The Law of Attraction is flawed for several reasons. To see the real truth
of the Law of Attraction we look to a second teaching that completes that first one. It says, "
first the kingdom of all goodness and all these things that you need shall be added unto you
This is how The Law of Attraction really works. By focusing on the good experiences that we want to
have we find they exist already within ourselves. We simply need to give ourselves
permission to have the experience first. Then as we radiate, express and share this experience we
naturally manifest the things, relationships and conditions that these powerful feelings naturally attract.

This is how all of our Programs and Meditations enable you to benefit from The Law of
Attraction, by helping you to find, affirm and feel the inner experiences that you want most. The irony
here is that these experiences that we want are often closely associated with those experiences that
we don't want. Why do you think that is? It's because what we don't want is to be denied what we
do want and because of our general misunderstanding or lack of understanding of The Law of
Attraction we have all unwittingly attracted experiences that we do not really want based primarily on
past unresolved memories.

The more we contemplate this simple, universal governing principal popularly known as
'The Law of Attraction' the more we may appreciate how brilliant, fair and personally liberating it is.
Today many of us who are aware that this law of attraction is working in our lives in every moment,
but few of us truly understand how it works. This is one case where ignorance is definitely not bliss.

As fair and balanced as the Law of Attraction sounds the results of this law, which we all
experience in our lives and observe in the lives of others, it often does not seem to be very fair or
balanced at all. Amongst those of us who are aware of how the Law of Attraction actually works,
manifesting what we give our attention to, very few of us have actually learned to use it effectively
to produce the deeply satisfying ways that we would really like to.

If you are one the growing number of people who are aware of The Law of Attraction and
would like to use it more effectively in your personal life this is something that our meditations and
programs will help you with. Seeing that on the surface the Law of Attraction does not seem fair has
caused many of us to loose faith in the ultimate goodness of everything, which affects us in some very
negative ways. Not understanding how to work the Law of Attraction effectively, we often assume that
God is either nonexistent, incompetent or has a very cruel sense of humor. When it is in fact our own
mis-guided use of this most natural law of the universe.

Naturally this cynical perception causes us to use The Law of Attraction to make our lives less
enjoyable, which is actually proof that The Law of Attraction does in deed work. This however is not
the kind of proof we really want, is it? To break this negative cycle of un-fulfilling, self-fulfilling
prophesy we simply must look within to the actual experiences that we really want to have, just as the
enlightened teachings have always said. And this is what our programs and all of our meditations
are designed to help with.

If you are honest and brave enough to accept that your negative experiences are simply
information about how to use the Law of Attraction more effectively then you will benefit richly from
what we offer. Can you accept that seeing how creating something that you don't want affirms you as
creator, which empowers you to create something you do want? If so our programs and meditations
will enable you to use The Law of Attraction to improve your life in many ways on many levels.

Once we accept that we are creators and understand how we are using the Law of Attraction to
create our lives and experiences everything becomes clear. This is not a "mind over matter" or
"power of positive thinking" approach to using the Law of Attraction. This will simply help to clear your
"Doors of Perception" which clears the path to create naturally what is desired.

Cleansing these inner "doors of perception" simply reveals how we are always and everywhere
being loved and supported for our highest good. Not only will these meditations help you to see this,
it will also help you to affirm and cooperate with precisely how you are being loved and supported.
The effects of these meditations and the various programs that incorporate them differently into
them, quickly enable you to see and appreciate the great blessings, which the Law of Attraction truly
is providing in every moment with every breath.
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