It's the old love vs fear story. Our fearful survival instincts tell our
heart to contract or close and our higher, loving spiritual nature
tells our heart to open. What is important to understand here is that
our higher spiritual nature is the superior of these two and the
choice of which to honor is always ours to make.

Responding fearfully to someone or something moves us into our
lower animal nature, which is not where we truly want to be. By
responding fearfully we betray our higher, loving self, which is what
Oracle of the Heart and all that we have created from it help us to
reclaim. Our 'Doors of Perception' meditations guide you to recall
an experience when you reacted fearfully and where you are still
imprinted with that fearful response. To clear or cleanse our doors
of perception we must make a new choice. Instead of closing this
door we must open it to 'See Yourself Loving.'

All 128 doors of perception are located in "The Heart", aka our
"subconscious mind", aka our "Inner Child". Each of our
meditations enable you to quickly penetrate the defensive barriers
within your subconscious by identifying a door of perception that
was closed by some past experience and is now causing you to be
closed off to a current experience. You are gently guided to open
your heart and mind within your memory of that past experience in
order to liberate your heart; dissolving the fearful awareness that
was trapped during that past experience. This enables you to be
free to respond in the moment anew, rather than having your past
casting a shadow over what is happening now.

How do we open our hearts when our most basic survival instincts
are telling us to contract, harden and or retreat? We do this by
simply connecting to and aligning with the higher, superior
authority of our "True Self". The higher purpose of this Self is to
guide us back to Love, to Our Source and Creator. By simply
guiding us to make a new loving choice within an old fearful
memory and identifying the very same door of perception that was
closed down in that memory our meditations gently and
experientially enable you to open your loving heart in situations
and in relationships where, up to now, you have been shut down.
It's that simple.
The secret to real freedom,
is to open your heart even
when it wants to close.

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