These channels within us are the doors of our perception.
Even though they are polluted with destructive and non-productive
habits and beliefs they can easily be cleansed once we know how.
It's really very simple once we understand the superior nature of
THE TRUTH because that's what we use to cleanse these inner
doorways: The Truth.

What makes these meditations so interesting and magical is the
simple fact that "The Truth" speaks to each of us differently. That's
why this experience is both very different and completely the same
for everyone. The Truth speaks to each of us according to our
unique needs and this is where it gets really fun and magical as
each meditation seems to be based on some deeply personal

The way that each door of perception addresses exactly what we
are going through in our lives at that very moment gives the very
strong impression that someone is looking deeply into our soul.
That someone or something is our own true, spiritual self who
knows exactly what we need and is constantly reminding and
encouraging us to honor our unique heart felt truth. Helping us
attune to this "True Self" is what The SAME Meditation does.

By simply encouraging you to be your true self, to be better,
happier and more fulfilled than you currently know is possible The
SAME Meditation will gently guide you to where you truly want to
be. This "True Self" is your spiritual aspect who knows the power
of surrendering to love. Love is The Creator of everything. The
false self who has been running things down here for a very long
time believes in the power of control, which anyone today with any
common sense at all can clearly see, is not only very hard work
but also doesn't work.

The power of The SAME Meditation lies in the superior nature
of the power of Love. Love is The Truth that sets us free and
control is the lie that confines us until we can clearly understand
how we the choice between these two, to controlling or
surrender-ing to what is (Love) is always ours. We are the choosers
and knowing this is the key to our power and our freedom. And this
key is what The SAME Program will help you to receive and use
to set yourself free, if and only if that is your true intention.

Our inner doors of perception are easily cleansed of what is not
true simply because the controlling lie is not rooted in reality is
therefore inferior and  easily washed away. This is accomplished
easily by how The SAME Meditation identifies our own unique
personal truth and guides us to affirm it within these same inner
channels. So these falsehoods are easily replaced by their counter
parts, which are The Truths if who we truly are and naturally wish
to be.

A primary truth that we all need to know before we may move
forward in our lives is that we are creators. We are the ones who
are manifesting our own unique reality. An illusion that many of us
are very caught up in is the one that says "they are doing this to
me". And "they" could be God or Mom or Dad or our spouse or our
boss or teacher or all of the above. What makes Oracle of the
Heart and The SAME "Doors of Perception Meditations so powerful
is that they actually show us how we're creating our own experience.

Even better than showing us how we are creating our current
reality based on past experiences still influencing our doors of
perception, The SAME Meditation guides us through a simple
relaxing process of releasing the past, which liberates us to create
in new and more satisfying ways. This simple, relaxing meditative
process liberates us from our compulsive and destructive habits
and addictions it by cleansing our doors of perception freeing us
to make our own choices and ones appropriate to our current
We each direct the flow of our
creative awareness.
Awareness flows through us in the
same ways that water flows around
the world; through channels like
rivers and streams.
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