Normally we may remember what happened and what we felt or how
identifying the precise consciousness in which an event was perceived
by us we may fundamentally change our experience of that event within
our memory and consequently we also change how this memory is
effecting us now.

When teachers speak of karma they often describe the cyclic nature of
how "what goes around, comes around". Many people misunderstand
thinking of karma as a kind of cosmic punishment but it's really an
opportunity to make new choices. What sucks is making the same old
choices over and over. Energy we put out comes back affirming us a
creators using The Law of Attraction ("As you give so shall you receive").
But being creatures of habit when karma comes around, if we've
responded to it negatively before, chances are we will react negatively

Our Unique Meditations enable you to perceive the past through your
higher creative nature and make new choices, which are ready to be
activated when you need them in your "real" life. You will learn how to
use this system to identify and prepare for the specific karma that is
unfolding right now, in the moment. And it is crystal clear that the source
of this wonder is Unconditional, Universal Love.

We invite you to 'See Yourself Loving' traveling through time to perceive
the events of your own life with new eyes.
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Within each of us are the same 128
Doors of Perception, which we utilize
like computer software to guide you
through internal pathways, collapsing
time and exposing past conflicts,
which our subconscious mind is now
ready to resolve. The precise
accuracy, speed and ease with which
the 128 doors of perception unfold
these healing, and empowering inner
journeys back in time, bringing us
more into the current moment, simply
must be experienced to be believed.
    One way to understand our Unique
    Meditations is to think of them as a Time Machine.
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