We see each of us as our own unique Tree of Life and that our 128
"Doors of perception" are like the roots of our trees. These doors or roots are
how we receive the nurturing, healing, wise and empowering life force also
known as chi or prana. When our doors or roots are clogged with misinformation,
fears, misconceptions and or guilt we are deprived of these vital forces so that
both our health and creativity suffer.

By clearing these inner Doors of Perception we open these vital inner channels
enabling us to receive and to manifest what we need through natures "Law of
Attraction", "As you give so shall you receive." We remain unaware of this as
long as we believe that "giving" is primarily a physical exchange. Truth is, it's the
vital forces flowing through these inner doors of perception that determine how
we feel and what we receive most of all.

What these most vital forces offer us is difficult to discern with our
conscious mind because what they do and how they work actually transcends
thinking. When these most basic vital forces are not flowing freely our mental,
emotional, physical and spiritual health suffers. And when they are freely flowing
we thrive and prosper. We glean from ancient teachings how the keys to living a
truly fulfilling life are in our willingness and ability to listen to and follow the
subtitle inner guidance of these natural forces. And without this inner guidance
we are lost.

The version of the ancient "Tree of Life" that we have utilized most in our
development of all of Oracle of the Hearts Programs is the well know Hebrew
Tree of Life commonly associated with the teachings of Kabbalah, (Cabala). This
"Tree" illuminates how
patterns of awareness align our unique life path producing
experiences of joy, peace, knowing, freedom, and loving through unity: Unity is
the ultimate goal that most of us pursue unconsciously. As you will see, dynamic
experiences of Unity are what our Meditations and Programs help each of us to
discover within our most unsatisfying memories!
Daath Image by Bodie McCoy
By releasing these interfering influences blocking our doors of perception
and undermining our individual and collective wellbeing we reestablish our natural,
healthy and productive inner pathways of awareness. This is how our Loving Heart
Meditations empower us both individually and collectively to respond creatively
and lovingly in the present. By helping us to reconnect these disconnected
patterns of our inner awareness our Loving Heart Meditations revitalize our
deepest roots, restoring health to our Tree of Life contributing generously towards
healing and rebuilding The Great Tree of our humanity and this world
that we all share and live in.

This is the true intent behind the timeless wisdom and ancient, compassionate
guidance to heal our troubled world by healing our individual selves.
Healer heal thy self" is what Oracle of the Heart
and all that it offers is really about.

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We found our way to the Hebrew Tree of Life
by way of this design (right), which offers us a
beautiful expression and a visual lesson in
manifesting unity. We call this design Daath
because it is made of 474 dots and in the
Cabala 474 is the number of "Daath" .
Daath is the mysterious invisible seraph on
the Hebrew Tree of Life and literally means
The Unity of Opposites."
The Tree of Life
According to the mystical teachings of  the
Kaballah, Daath is where the opposites within us
unite. This is also where our Doors of Perception
Meditations takes us; where the opposites of
past and future meld in the present. Like the 474
dots in the design above, each human soul is the
same. It's only our different positions within the
illusion of time and space that make our
expressions and experiences so unique.

Each of our individual trees of life both draws
and contributes
to the universal tree of life that is
our collective Source. Through trauma, belief,
ignorance, fear, guilt and misdirection our most
natural life affirming patterns of awareness are often
broken resulting in deviant behaviors that break our
homes, disintegrate our social structures, produce
our wars, internal conflicts, pollution and disease.
The Tree of LIfe
The concept of a "Tree of Life"
utilized in science, religion,
philosophy and mythology
also helped us to understand
Oracle of the Heart and the value
of The "Doors of Perception"
meditations and all
Loving Heart Experiences!
"Where and when opposites unite, is where and when we find The Light"
                              - Bodie McCoy
Oracle of the Heart  
Liberated from our past we may experience the present more fully. This
liberation is also a path to "See Ourselves Loving", as we truly are.