The inner places that The SAME Meditation takes us to are often
where we feel particularly vulnerable, where the fabric of our
unique illusion is weakened or thin and easily penetrated. We
experience these inner places as windows of opportunity. It's where
our efforts to control our experiences have seemingly failed that we
naturally feel vulnerable, which also present rich opportunity.

Control is an illusion and our failures to control bring us closer to
this creatively empowering truth. This truth is the opportunity for
grown that we both seek and avoid. What do they say? "
The Truth
will set you free but first it's going to piss you off.
" That's because
The truth often reveals what is not really working for us. And letting
go of something or someone that we've been holding on to for too
long, no matter how dysfunctional, it hurts.

Letting go of what is not true is the opportunity that The SAME
Meditations gently guides us to by open our awareness to these
rich vulnerable inner places. By helping us to focus honestly on the
failed relationships that we normally avoid The SAME Meditation
reveals what we are most afraid of; loosing control. And concurring
our fears becomes much more challenging when the world we live
in teaches us that success = control and a lack of control = failure
and failure is bad. Fortunately that is not the real truth.

The truth, which The SAME Meditation reveals is that caring is an
ominous force that can't be controlled because caring is an alive,
creative and adventurous. Caring wants to explore and discover
what is new and what else is possible. In SAME Meditations we
honor our wondrous caring by looking through the thin vales of
fearful illusion shrouding our "failed" relationships to see and
experience what else is possible. This is accomplished by
honoring and affirming ourselves as we truly are, as naturally
loving creators.

These inner doors and windows which our egos fearfully guard,
where our deepest caring resides and where our richest
opportunities for personal growth abound, they define us. They
define what we see, how we feel and how we respond. They also
act as spiritual transducers enabling our pure and simple spiritual
light to flow forward and to take useful forms in our earthly lives.
So by avoiding them we are avoiding our own truest selves.

These inner doors of our perceptions which connect our true inner
spiritual selves with our outer physical lives and in so doing make
our most heavenly dreams earthly possibilities. Within these doors
or windows are our hopes and fears, which we must liberate to
cleanse these doors so we may realize the higher creative
opportunities they possess.

The internal dynamics, which govern these doors of perception
are quite simple and easily understood. They are formed around
our deepest caring and deep caring opens our hearts to both love
and fear. When we succumb to fear we fail to achieve our hopes
and dreams and in a world like ours where failure is interpreted as
something bad it naturally leads us to doubt and depression.

By embracing those same failures as rich creative opportunities to
enact potent rituals of loving forgiveness: By choosing to give forth
our loving in these same places where we have judged ourselves
so harshly, we are able to transform them into empowering events
that reveal the real strength of our caring, which is ironically
affirmed in the present by what has seemingly defeated us in the
past. This simple empowering truth, which SAME Meditations
experientially reveal is what makes them so magical.
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