Be true to yourself!
To create what you truly want requires that you know and
accept three things. First you must know and accept what you really
do want, secondly you must know and accept the creators law,
As you give, so shall you receive" and finally you must know and
accept that you are in deed a God empowered creator "in training".

If like most of us what you think you want is money then you must
ask yourself why you want it? What would be different if you had all the
money you think that you want? What would you do? And what do you
believe that doing that will enable you to experience? That experience
is what you really want and putting money or any other condition
between yourself and that experience is only going to make it harder
for you to create. Creating what you really want begins with accepting
creative responsibility.
We begin using our creative imagination to see,
then feel what it is we want. Create it within to manifest it in your reality.
This is clearly and precisely spelled out in the lessons present in what
we call our "failures." The challenge of high creativity is to find the
courage, humility and wisdom to embrace our failures and the deeply
personal insights, information and instructions that they offer us. Here
on earth contrast is our greatest teacher so by taking a deep and
honest look at the experiences that you don't like you will learn more
about what you do like, more about what you want to create and how to
create it.
The first step is to open to loving yourself including all your
perceived imperfections.

This most valuable information and instruction all of our
Programs have to offer, developed from Oracle of the Heart will
help you glean from your
personal experiences of suffering, failure and
disappointment while opening your heart to "See Yourself Loving".

When we suffer, we often assume that we are being punished by God
or life; this is spiritual immaturity. Suffering is our richest opportunity to
learn and grow beyond the boundaries of our fears and limiting beliefs.
Our failures and suffering contain valuable information and
until we are
able to embrace, accept and awaken to our true creative potential they
actually block our doors of perception
. This prevents us from moving
forward in our lives.

Helping you to move forward and create the life you really want to live,
clearing and cleansing these inner creative doors is what our unique
variety of Programs and all of our meditations are all about.
It is when
you "See Yourself Loving" that real magic happens!

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The ability to create what we want begins
with accepting responsibility for what we
have. By accepting creative responsibility
for everything we have, both what we like
and do not like we affirm ourselves as
creators, which empowers us to create
something better.
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