Products & Services by: Bodie McCoy
Consultations / Life Coaching
with Bodie McCoy
Bodie McCoy and Oracle of the Heart
offer vast opportunities in a multitude of ways to find
clarity, relieve stress, release mental and emotional blocks,
and begin experiencing everything as a stepping stone
to greater happiness and fulfillment.

Benefit from his years of working with this system of understanding consciousness.  Feel
how gently and quickly it goes deep revealing key issues and awakening within you your
inner knowing of what is for your Highest Good.

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The Dance of Ascension Meditation

A 20 minute guided meditation that affirms
the highest aspects of our humanness.
Multilevel multi-track recording with the
sounds of the ocean as the background.
Attune  to the perfection
of your own true nature.

Deeply relaxing and uplifting
Surfing The Realms of Love Meditation
Surfing Love™
is recorded with cutting edge
subliminal recording techniques that are multi-
layered on multi-levels. This helps stimulate the
subconscious mind to aid in the assimilation of
our shared pure heartfelt human qualities.

Surfing Love™ meditation helps redirect
our inner awareness to higher & more gratifying
levels of being who we truly are.

Ride the waves of your own loving essence.
The Dance of
Oracle of the Heart  
Introspective, Uplifting, Self Affirming
Home Study Programs
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Bodie's new Book
Meditation MP3's
There are over 200 Guided Meditative Loving Heart Experiences to transport you
into deeply personal inner journeys. Each experience provides opportunities for
shifting challenges into opportunities. You can experience a variety of them and
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A universal and diverse spiritual system of understanding ones own consciousness
developed by Bodie McCoy. It came from a  magical convergence of timeless teachings
derived from the original roots of Yoga, the Chakras, the I- Ching, Tarot, Qabalah,
Numerology, the Tree of Life, the Melchizedec Priesthood, Sacred Geometry, Mayan
teachings and The Lord's Prayer that all produced what he describes as a mystical mirror
of the spiritual heart; a doorway to the Soul.   

        Awaken to the divine creator within and See Yourself Loving!

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Reality Remodels self coaching program courses evolve our relationships. As we See
Ourselves Loving we attract what we love. Its no secret that our own minds and senses
deceive us or that how we see the past defines our present. To improve we must find
the truth within our own distorted beliefs. Finding that truth is what this 64 week course
does. We are 7 billion people on 7 billion journeys all seeking love. The truth is that it
is always and everywhere present. We simply need to learn to let go into it.
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See Yourself Loving using our game-like process to help heal your relationship with your
inner child and improve the quality of all of your relationships; at work, at church & at
home. The GAME is also a great way to introduce children and young adults to some-
thing that is inspiring in this day and age of such abundant negativity. "The GAME"
encourages creative responsibility & promotes loving self awareness.
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Everything in the universe is in constant motion, resonating to inaudible frequencies, in
perfect harmony. We too can achieve this perfection as it truly is our natural state. It is when
we identify with our physical self; our emotions, mind and body rather than the spiritual loving
essence of our Soul that we get out of sync.
This 8 Course series takes you on a inner journey of discovery to help release and transform
those limitations into pure energy. Work at your own pace to create balance in your life.

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Awaken to the Magnificence of Your Soul

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