Live The Promise E-Book
Eight Simple Words
If Oracle of the Heart were a tree
these "Eight Simple words would
be it's fruits and flowers. Learn to
experience these simple words as
valuable tools to clear your mind,
open your heart and to elevate
your spiritual awareness.
Heart Dances
Heart Dances represent both the content and
product of Oracle of the Heart. This is why
understanding these Heart Dances is so
crucial for those who would fully experience
and deeply grock these beautiful gifts, which
Oracle of the Heart so generously and wisely
offers. Exploring our journey towards this
spiritual technology from this
perspective will help you to feel what it is and
these heart-felt gifts called Heart Dances,
which it offers.
The Prayer Jesus Taught
Since our journey began
with the only Prayer Jesus Taught this little
book will help you to feel the pure spirit of all
that we offer. Feel each divine attunements in
the prayer, how the holographic universe
relates to the creation story, spiritual
exercises we suggest, and how sacred
geometry is embedded in the prayer.
The Eighth Heaven
Here we emphasize how the relationships
between the Lord's Prayer and the Sun Cross
Codex in Palenque Mexico have contributed
richly to the creation and understanding of
our system.
For those interested in the mystical
wisdom of the Mayan "Ancient Ones" or their
connections to Anasazi "Ancient Ones" this
little book will be particularly interesting.
By Bodie McCoy
Oracle of The Heart
Explore the keys for  experiencing Oracle
of the Heart in the deepest and most
beneficial ways. Experience this simple, yet
personally empowering tool for growth.
This is a quick way to get started.
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