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The Lord's Prayer is a masterfully designed spiritual instrument that moves our creative inner
awareness through our creative centers (our chakras), from our highest spiritual awareness of
unconditional love into our most basic awareness of our primal survival instincts. This divine
decent emphasizes its purpose and ours; to manifest ("As in heaven so also in earth")
                  Free Your Light with The Lord's Prayer.
Oracle of the Heart is a magical convergence of timeless teachings derived from The Lord’s Prayer,
the original roots of Yoga, the Chakras, Teachings of the Mystical Travelers, the I Ching, Tarot,
Mayan Sun Cross Codex at temple of the sun in Palenque Mexico producing a mystical mirror of our
spiritual heart.         Free your Light with Oracle of the Heart!
Free Your Light by giving yourself an experience of Love. Loving Heart Guided Meditative
Experiences are a magical blend of heart-felt meditation, healing prayer and an empowering
therapeutic mental exercise that transport you on deeply personal inner journeys. 128 loving
experiences providing the opportunity for  128 new beginnings. These we offer all
Free your Light using our game-like process to help heal your relationship with your inner child
and will assist in improving the quality of all of your relationships; at work, at church & at home.
It is also a great way to introduce children and young adults to something that is inspiring in this
awareness. And its available to use for
FREEday and age of such abundant negativity. It
encourages creative responsibility & promotes self  too!
or connections between the only prayer Jesus taught,The Lord's Prayer, and the chakra
The Tree of Life and Sacred Geometry." What was revealed to him enabled him to create
"Oracle of The Heart", a concise tool for awakening the divine creator within you.