Spiritual Health is developed as we
accept, embrace and develop
our most natural spiritual heritage
as co-creators with
The Loving Creator Spirit
within us.
Forgiving ourselves and consciously and actively embracing our higher purpose to pursue
and develop our spiritual inner awareness promotes not only a sense of well being it actually
facilitates improving our overall health. Fortunately how Oracle of the Heart Programs and
its Loving Heart Experiences benefit us in our pursuits of greater spiritual inner awareness
and implementing the benefits of this awareness in our daily lives is very simple.

When we participate in any form of true worship by giving our attention to The Loving spirit
within us, and all around us, something magical happens. And it doesn't matter what form of
worship that you embrace. It could be prayer, chanting, meditating on or contemplating the
Divine within because the magic I am speaking of is a natural result of the Law of Cause and
effect, AKA "The Law of Attraction" ("As you give so shall you receive").

In the physical world what we give is returned in equal measure but what we give to Spirit is
not. What we give to The Spirit within us is both multiplied and perfected. We could
speculate about why this is but what's really important here is that this is how It works. What
we are talking about here is improving our "Spiritual Health" and as Spirit is the foundation
of our lives, improving our spiritual health naturally improves our whole life.

Worship is the most fundamental contribution that any of us can make to our spiritual health
and this is why worship is a good, healthy and beneficial choice for anyone who really wants
to improve their life very quickly. When we give our attention to Our Creator, the Loving
Spirit within us, this Spirit returns that attention, let's say ten fold but it could be one hundred
fold or one thousand fold; there are really no limits except that we will never be given more
than we can handle.

This increased spiritual awareness flows up through our subconscious, from our spiritual
heart where The Great Creator Spirit of Love resides and into our conscious awareness a
transformation takes place. As the higher frequencies of Spirit flow up towards the surface
many subconscious states of awareness based on old choices, beliefs, feelings, fears,
hopes and so on are also naturally energized. Some of these deeply held states of
awareness, those that are not based on truth are unable to withstand these new pressures.
The release of these liberates or "delivers" us from our illusions AKA "evil".

This spiritual energizing that liberates us may be experienced as the most wonderful gift if
we are ready and able to accept it for the great blessing that it is but that is not always the
case. Many of these old choices, beliefs, feelings, fears, hopes and so on are so deeply
woven into the fabric of our consciousness that they have become part of what we call our
personality. The really big illusion is that we often believe that we are this "personality" so
we may try very hard to hold on to these very same elements that Spirit is liberating us from.
This creates a deep sense of internal conflict and personal suffering, which naturally
interferes with our efforts to grow in our spiritual inner awareness.

This is what makes Oracle of the Hearts Meditations and Programs so beneficial to anyone
who is actively working to improve their spiritual health. Our meditations will gently and
quickly help you to release the very same obsolete feelings of self doubt and irrational  
beliefs that Spirit is working to liberate you from. How this works is also a testimony to how
and why spiritual and mental health go hand and hand.

Our uniquely personalized meditations will help to develop your Spiritual Health in a variety
of ways. It's like turning on a light, if you work with them they work, regardless of what you
believe. It's a simple process of looking into yourself and calling forth a memory. A memory
of something that didn't work out as you'd hoped. Because, whatever it was didn't work out as
you assumed it would or should you judged yourself and probably others who were involved
but mostly yourself.

This self judgement has separated you from your Creator, possibly because this event
made you feel unworthy or you may have passed judgement on others or even The Creator
because He/She obviously allowed it. Either way your spiritual health and wellness have
been undermined by this past experience. And the most challenging part of all is that you
probably have no conscious recall or awareness of this because for the sake of self
preservation such events are quickly buried deep within our subconscious minds. Still we
are creators so what we choose or judge must be enforced by our very powerful
subconscious self. This is simply because our limitless ability to create is our most precious
spiritual gift and therefore must be honored above all.

This is how we often awaken to this most precious gift of being co- creators with God, by
suffering the consequences of our unwise, ill informed and unconscious creations. Our
Programs will help you to honor your own divine creativity by helping you to identify those
creative choices that are currently preventing you from being fully present in your life. These
simple meditations and exercises will then guide you to make a new more productive and
loving response to whatever happened. This new choice will be an honoring of who you truly
are, which will enable you step forward in your life right now as a creator, empowered to
choose and create what you truly, want to experience.

Our spiritual health is measured by our ability to utilize Our Creator's "Law of Attraction"
("As you give so shall you receive"). This ability is also what programs, courses, Meditations
and all of Oracle of the Hearts diverse exercises will help you to develop. A spiritually
healthy person is one who is able to use any situation, relationship or circumstance to
manifest the experience they most want to have (Love). Oracle of the Heart will help you to
develop this ability to manifest love unconditionally, first by helping you to identify those
situations, relationships and circumstances that you find most challenging. They simply
guide and instruct you as to how to best open your heart in that situation or relationship. And
this is how our meditative exercises will help you to develop and evolve your spiritual health.
Oracle of the Heart  

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