To create what you want you
must deeply value and what
you already have. Why do you
think that is?
It's because what you already
have contains the lessons

and insights that you will need
to create the next level of your
experience, which is
what you really
And the place to being this endless journey is where you are right
now, with what you have right now, which is a treasure trove of
insights and information about how to get what you really want.

Barb and I have eight children and we didn't have much money
when they were growing up but we did live near the beach. Some
of my favorite memories are of building sand castles with our kids.
Making the most of what we have is part of wanting what you have
but that's just easy stuff. To make the most of what we have we must
value it and to do that we must see or perceive it in new ways. That's
exactly what cleansing the doors of your perceptions will enable you
to do.

What Our SAME Loving Heart Meditations will help you with is
making the most of the stuff that you would like to forget and that is a
very valuable key. Seeing the value in the "bad" stuff naturally opens
our minds to the value of the ordinary stuff, but this is also a
super-ficial benefit. For the most part that "bad" stuff is what you think
of as your failures and your failures are actually a rich resource of
lessons and information about how to create what you really do want
but; there is more.

Our failures are computed by our subconscious mind as unfinished
business. Not only do the repressed feelings and thought forms
which they hold block our doors of perception distorting our creative
efforts they also serve as psychic magnets. These repressed
thoughts and feelings that we generally are unaware of are radiating
energy, and according to the Law of Attraction they are constantly
drawing to us the people and situations that we need to relive our
failures. Why? So we can learn their lessons and get on with creating
something better.

No matter how we try to avoid them and most of us try pretty hard,
these experiences, situations, people and opportunities to get it right
are going to keep showing up until we do. The amount of time,
energy and resources that go into learning these lessons is
enormous but then this is really what we are here for. What makes a
lot more sense however, is to find these lost lessons within
our-selves, and to glean and apply them to creating what we really
want. This way the whole painful pageant doesn't need to continue,
which enables us to grow much faster and much more efficiently. And
is what The SAME Program Course, Oracle of the Heart Programs
and our meditations will help you to do.
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